Sunday, 3 July 2016

Plot update July 3rd 2016

The saying it never rains, but it pours has never been more true recently. It has meant that the weeds seem to be growing at a crazy rate. Some of the crops seem to be enjoying it but others are not so happy. 

I have noticed that the raspberries seem to be doing extremely well and are currently growing very vigorously as is the potatoes and brasicas. 

The pumpkins however are not looking so good. I planted 5 and 2 have been completely devoured by slugs and snails. The corn seems to be a bit stunted too at the moment. 

This year I have tried growing onions from seed. From my limited experience they seem to be looking OK and are growing well from what I can see. Not sure how they will fair with all the rain and heavy soil here but time will tell. I had to plant a load more as I didn't have enough a few weeks after the first batch and seem to be catching up well. 

The strawberries seemed to be a mixed bag. While the rain helped with getting bigger fruits, it also led to more slugs and more fruit wasting and going soft too quick. It probably didn't help that I didn't put enough straw down. 

I did manage to get the greenhouse moved and is currently housing my peppers and a few tomatoes. 

Now its just a case of keeping up with all the weeds and pests. 

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plot 17

the poly tunnel and fruit cage, 

overlooking plot 18

plot 17 with strawberries in the foreground, then onions, then potatoes. 

plot 18

New cover for the blueberries

view from the original greenhouse end

view from the new end of the greenhouses

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